Affordable brands, classy and elegant for work in Zürich. What can offer us this city, tips and hints in terms of business image?

I have a chance recently to live in Zürich. It is now my favourite city and I love it. Recently I had a chance to visit a couple of shops and make a small research about where would women find a nice classy affordable suit or costume to work in Zurich.

I found a couple of shops. So far I could advise you that Zara shop is pretty good and this summer collection is really full of colours and also classy elegant business stylish outfits.
I found them really nice, there was that pink suit that is a mixed style of elegant one with a sporty look. It means that we can mix long elegant jacket with really wide trousers and on top of that, you can wear flat shoes or elegant trainers. These is really trendy style here this summer.

Of course, if women are working as entrepreneurs or sales experts and still would prefer that classy look there are choices in Zara. I caught with my eye pure white business jacket with trousers at a really affordable price. White this summer is a symbole of pure elegance.

Another brand which would be perfect to go for is Massimo Dutti. Their collection in Zurich is again under a good price and it offers very fresh colours, top trendy for this year such as: light blue, peach or orange and also intensive red.

If you are professionally connected to creative business marketing, design, architecture that would be perfect colours and dress code for your business meeting.

The last brand which would be my favourite one is Sandro. This brand was founded by a Moroccan designer who moved to Paris and she created that feminine, classy collection of garments: dresses, blouses, shirts, and also women suits.

Ladies I found there a very stylish simple light red suit with straight trouser. Beautiful designed and tailored. This piece would definitely be noticed at any conference and meetings.
Again Sandro is still an accessible brand in terms of price so definitely highly recommend to try it and check it.

I attached above all that classy pieces that I found and I need to say Zurich is a place, where you can find your business outfits within normal budget as well. Do not be afraid as well to put a bit of colour this summer!

Your elegance and style is your visibility and your brand.



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