Cannes Film Festival, and our stunning Ana Zens on the Red Carpet!

Ana Zens, International Model originally from Lithuania, one of the most experienced model in Dublin. She was the finalist in 2017 and coach in 2018 “Top Model Ireland”. Using her experience from London fashion week from the past years, Ana Zens looked really amazing this year in Cannes! I really loved her style during that… Read More

IRARA Runaway Awards in Ireland, what a show!

This March 24th I had a chance to be part of the gala event called IRARA. This event took place in Dublin in Hilton Hotel at the Airport. The main purpose of it was to award all the amazing people in different fashion and beauty industries, especially in entertainment, fashion, community. Each winner is being… Read More

My Personal Tailor, Mark Swan

I recently had the pleasure of dealing with the Metamorphosis team at a photo shoot for Top Model Ireland. (Sunday 11th February, 2018)   The entire team were incredibly meticulous and professional. Make up was superb with Daria Janowska, beautiful jewellery from Joanna Michulka at Yova jewellery, excellent stylisation from Eliza Joanska, incredible photography with… Read More

Metamorphosis – Magdalena

I recommend and highly recommend Eliza, she is a professional stylist, who with a very individual approach and with heart help me to choose a very beautiful dress for the very important day in my life. I didn’t know her before and it was my first time I was asking her advice in terms of… Read More

Metamorphosis – Ewa

When I found out from Daria that I won Metamorphosis fashion project for women in Dublin from Facebook I was very happy. I always had a huge problem with wearing the proper clothes. These garments which I liked other people didn’t like. But thanks for the advice of both girls Daria make up artist and… Read More

Shopping with Eliza

I’ve never previously taken advice from stylists, I was slightly worried about this meeting, but I needed it, ever since I became a mother once more I really let myself go, unfortunately, I lack the time for trends.   I asked Eliza to help me pick out a dress for a wedding. In reality, I… Read More