Metamorphosis for women, men change your image and reveal yourself from the beginning, become more successful and self-awareness, did you hear about this fashion event in Dublin?

If someone offers you unusual Opportunity and tell you I would work on your self-image that means style in clothes it means proper outfit due to your occupation your brand and personality, proper hairstyle, nails style good styled jewellery and lashes, would  you be interested? Did you ever think how important is the first impression… Read More

Fashion with the goal of raising awareness

I had a pleasure to take part in the international fashion show in a celebration of the world diabetes day in the Dublin Hilton hotel at the airport. Did you ever know that there are 199 million women globally who are living with diabetes? There is the huge percentage of death cause of that. It… Read More

The Art of nails

Nails are like accessories for fashion outfit. Did you know that any time of job that involves face to face sales, administration, hotel advisor or shop assistant is the job in where you are in the center of attention? Usually, on a daily basis, people are curious so they look the way you look and… Read More