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Yova the jewellery brand that has been created straight from the heart - Belezza

Yova the jewellery brand that has been created straight from the heart

Being a stylist is not an easy task. Create a nice outfit takes some time but the most important aspect of each outfit is the jewellery.

I was inspired recently by an amazing jewellery designer that I met recently on one of the international fashion show that I attended last week in Dublin! Her name is Joanna Michulka and she is the owner of the Yova, the beautiful handmade jewellery.

She is an example of lets say a quote that nothing in life is impossible.

Joanna is a lawyer and her university background has nothing to do with being an entrepreneur of the unique women accessories company.
She used to work as a tax expert in the past.

One day she just took the risk and decided that in Ireland in the country of new possibilities she would open her own company, and here you go she did it!
What was hidden under that goal? I asked her and she told me that she loves to be around elegant women and her mission is to help them to look unique, sophisticated. That is why came to her the idea of Yova. She had a desire that women can wear something unique, classy that was made especially for them and it was created for them from the pure heart. That is why she highlights so many times that her jewellery is so unusual.

Yova has been made from titan, leather and the gemstones and particularly from amber. It means that it represents the highest quality of the resources.

It has been created for women in any age, the ones who are looking for something extraordinary, that has not been made in thousands of same copies, the women who love to be different and on the other hand, they appreciate the simplicity, elegance and good quality.
In her offer at the moment, they have the leather bracelets and titan ones and also the earrings made by a titan.

Her product is not only focused on women but also on men. We know that men love accessories. This is why in theirs offer they have leather bracelets in colours such as: black, brown and navy blue.
Joanna is working very hard on expanding her brand. She told me that before Christmas the new offer is coming in terms of Yova.  So girls exciting time for you to see the new collection! It will definitely be a surprise for lots of fans.


Joanna, is a women, who love to surround herself with women who give her energy and her main passion, is to create her products for them as she is the one of them. She really knows what is the best for them and what makes them look beautiful.
Each of us wants to be fulfilled, satisfied with our lives and we know how to do it and this is why we are so amazing. We can achieve more just if we live the way we want in life.
Yova’s owner not only is a happy mum but also a wife and the owner of her successful company but she mentioned so many times that what really gives her the power in her life and her brand is the support of her husband. Joanna thinks that there is nothing more beautiful if the man who loves her,  admires her too and it is very useful for all of us as ladies.

The main goal for Joanna is that women would wear her jewellery on a daily basis, during different occasions and that they would feel beautiful and amazing in it. It is very important for her also to get the constructive feedback from her clients because her brand has been created for them. Without them there is no Yova, says Joanna.

Have a look at some of her masterpieces underneath I attached a couple of photos. If you are interested to see some of that amazing masterpiece and even buy them and wear them please contact Joanna on the above Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/yovadesign/


I am professional stylist in business, evening and casual outfits and also fashionblogger and huge passionate of current trends and styles in fashion! I am inspired by famous Irish and international brands and designers. I love travelling and would like to give you tips about nice restaurant and places to see. I would be happy to help you to discover your image through advise you on different, suitable stabilisation. Your style is the image it show who you are and how you represent yourself within your friends, customers and colleague. You can master your image and let me show you how to do it. Contact me...

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