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Versace on the floor this autumn or winter to shine on the dance floor, try afternoon tea with style, or go to the theatre remembered, why not? - Belezza

Versace on the floor this autumn or winter to shine on the dance floor, try afternoon tea with style, or go to the theatre remembered, why not?

Did you think or plan your wardrobe already for this winter or autumn? Did you think how many different things are going to happen during these coming months?? New year celebration, birthday parties maybe some wedding, girls night out during carnival or even ball!!!!

Are you prepared for all of that occasion?

If not and if you are looking for something different and sophisticated and want to experience the design. Think about the Italian brand Versace.

Pure classic, rich and elegance all in one! You want to look like nobody else on the dancefloor or during that ball?
Take some time for yourself and visit the local shop Versace in Kildare Village, the outlet. The choices they have are amazing! The shop is not too big but believes me they have big fitting rooms and you have enough time to think and try on different dresses.

First of all the interior of the shop is so nice, warm. They have very good light especially in changing rooms. The service is very kind and helpful.

You are not stressed you feel really good there, I would even say too good that it is really hard to leave that shop! I was there and I really had the problem to decide what to buy and what to try on!

Versace means style! Means elegance, dresses are always made like they fit perfectly for you! Their design is so different. I give you examples of a couple of nice stylizations that I chose.

First one is the light beige one very flashy as it has been made by full of little stones, which looks similar to Swarovski ones. This dress is pure beauty, made by very delicate material. It is not very tight, it is more loose but still, you would look like a princess on that carnival ball.







The second one is more elegant casual one for a nice lunch, beautiful strong pink fabric with the typical Versace pattern. I like that part under the waist it looks really unique.







The last one would be my favourite one! Did you think to wear something different something to surprise others something that shows your personality? Would not that be a good idea? Black asymmetric dress with a lion. Where do you think you could wear it? Theatre, or maybe some exhibition. Why not with black simple high heels. You would look very beautiful and extraordinary.


So many different occasions and so many different choices. This is all achievable for you if you go and visit the local outlet shop in Dublin!

Sometimes being different is good, being visible is good, being well dressed for different occasions means style!


Let me know if I advise you well or you need help. Please let me know if you visit Versace local shop in Kildare share with me your experience and your ideas! I encourage you to follow my blog

I am professional stylist in business, evening and casual outfits and also fashionblogger and huge passionate of current trends and styles in fashion! I am inspired by famous Irish and international brands and designers. I love travelling and would like to give you tips about nice restaurant and places to see. I would be happy to help you to discover your image through advise you on different, suitable stabilisation. Your style is the image it show who you are and how you represent yourself within your friends, customers and colleague. You can master your image and let me show you how to do it. Contact me...

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