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Style for the night! Night is long and you need to look like it never ends. - Belezza

Style for the night! Night is long and you need to look like it never ends.

I love sometimes going out for elegant events. Especially January time a Carnival or New Years party is that special night. You want to look original and you can put that evening dress on!

There are so many occasions depends on the country and cultures. In Great Britain and Ireland, women like to go out and celebrate the birthday or there are many different evening occasions, hen parties etc. But the most popular period to go out is surprisingly there winter time for the balls.

In Spain or other Mediterranean countries there are occasions all the time!

What would be your favourite brand of the evening dresses?

My for sure are two.

First one is called: Lipsy, that is an English brand really good. They offer lots of dresses for different occasions but part of them are evening flashy dresses!

The second one is my favourite one called Forever Unique. If you have an amazing night out very flashy and classy. This is the brand for you! You want to spend more but look like nobody else on that party. Go and check on line that shop! I have a couple of dresses from them and I love them.


My favourite stylisation for an evening from forever unique would be that golden long dress.
It is so simple but very stylish. Every woman would look special in it. Look at that design! I think that part of the naked shoulder look sophisticated and the shiny fabric that the dress is made from is just so pure and rich in both, that it is hard to describe.
Would you make an impression wearing that dress? The answer is definitely yes. Did you notice that this design highlighted the feminine shapes of women body, which is so beautiful?


If you plan some important event soon, maybe wedding that you are invited or even Christmas party! Have a look and inspire yourself in that couple of stylisation I mentioned here.

Share with me what is important for you when you choose the perfect dress for a wedding, birthday night or even, Carnival? Would that be colour, fabric, design, or maybe all in one?

Follow my blog and look into the recommended shops on line!

I am professional stylist in business, evening and casual outfits and also fashionblogger and huge passionate of current trends and styles in fashion! I am inspired by famous Irish and international brands and designers. I love travelling and would like to give you tips about nice restaurant and places to see. I would be happy to help you to discover your image through advise you on different, suitable stabilisation. Your style is the image it show who you are and how you represent yourself within your friends, customers and colleague. You can master your image and let me show you how to do it. Contact me...

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