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Metamorphosis for women, men change your image and reveal yourself from the beginning, become more successful and self-awareness, did you hear about this fashion event in Dublin? - Belezza

Metamorphosis for women, men change your image and reveal yourself from the beginning, become more successful and self-awareness, did you hear about this fashion event in Dublin?

If someone offers you unusual Opportunity and tell you I would work on your self-image that means style in clothes it means proper outfit due to your occupation your brand and personality, proper hairstyle, nails style good styled jewellery and lashes, would  you be interested?

Did you ever think how important is the first impression in professional and personal life? They say sell is everywhere, we sell ourselves to our customer’s partners depends on the job we do we always represent the brand. We are the brand. The way we look people recognise us, we are visible and we can build trust within our professional network and personal.

Many of us would improve a lot in terms of their style. Sometimes it might be hairstyle sometimes we are not sure what to wear to business meeting, conference, also we are not sure which dress would suit for Christmas party Sometimes we are on the edge of our life where we do not feel good with ourselves we need a change, we might look for a new job or we want to be more successful as the business man or women.

This kind of issues or problems lots of people have and they could be changed.
There is a team of professional experts for now in Dublin later on international who just launcher first series of the event called Metamorphosis.

This project was an idea of two women Belezza stylist and Daria Janowska make up artist who met during different event. They had a similar goal to help women men in any age to change their style image. They wanted to help them become more successful, self-independent feel beautiful and happy.

They organised an event in Dublin. In the Green Room Bar was the final. But first it was announced on social media and Facebook, where they were looking for within women in Dublin at the range of age 25-60 proper candidates  to send them the application.

From a couple of candidates, they found 2, which had a chance to take part in the real transformation of their style make up nails. They  prepare for them two stylisation daily and evening more for  Christmas time elegant style outfit.

There were so many professional experts working on them. The results were amazing girls were so happy and they feel after that transformation like brand new women, self-confident more aware of their beauty and ready for getting the  new job, for obtaining more customers within their business , ready for success.

Below transformation of the women that took part in that event. First women is a chef of her own small medium business, the other is on the way of looking for a job.

I should mentioned amazing work of the team working on that project not only founders but amazing photoshoots were done by experienced photographer Michal Sendrak and also a presence of the unique jewellery designer Yova Joanna Michulka.

If you feel that you need change follow another Metamorphosis event and take a risk to send your application!!!


Metamorphosis Facebook page :


Yova jewellery :


Michal Sendrak photographer:


Daria Janowska make up artist and founder of Event :


Patrycja Anastasia Morton, media


Izabela Haughney Gasiorowska, eyelashes expert


Dorota Almeida : marketing







I am professional stylist in business, evening and casual outfits and also fashionblogger and huge passionate of current trends and styles in fashion! I am inspired by famous Irish and international brands and designers. I love travelling and would like to give you tips about nice restaurant and places to see. I would be happy to help you to discover your image through advise you on different, suitable stabilisation. Your style is the image it show who you are and how you represent yourself within your friends, customers and colleague. You can master your image and let me show you how to do it. Contact me...

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