IRARA Runaway Awards in Ireland, what a show!

This March 24th I had a chance to be part of the gala event called IRARA. This event took place in Dublin in Hilton Hotel at the Airport. The main purpose of it was to award all the amazing people in different fashion and beauty industries, especially in entertainment, fashion, community. Each winner is being awarded by ab amazing trophy from IRARA.

It was really extraordinary time. I am a big fan of the founder of that event amazing women called AC Matilda, she is the owner of AC Matilda Enterprise and also she has a Diabetes Foundation called Sunrise Foundation.
The money from that event was raised for the population in Africa that suffers from Diabetes. That is very generous and beautiful goal.

If you are interested in fashion and maybe already actively work in fashion entertainment or community and your company has not been visible yet you should take part in that show next year. It is a great networking event where you can have a chance meet interesting people.
IRARA was not only for awards but also it was a fashion show of Matilda’s beautiful collection of African dresses. She created really full of life and warm colours collection of gala dresses. She mixed lots of warm palette of colours: yellow green orange and pastels such as light blue or metallic blue, violet.
The beautiful show was nothing without stunning models such as Ana Zens, Agna Kalibatiene, Trisha Mc Dermott, Marina Siniciene, Kamila Galezycka, Helena Lynam, and others.

Not only dresses were the attraction but during that show, a beautiful, new collection of jewellery, young designer Joanna Michulka called Yova was launched and show on the models.

I had a chance to style the models so matching two masterpieces together jewellery and dresses was not really a big challenge but more a privilege and I was grateful to see so many talented designers that I could work with. This collection of Yova was mostly production of gold bit of silver and also lots of colourful flawing parts in orange, yellow. That collection was designed perfectly to match the dresses and was a stunning result.

I need to mention about makeup and hairs. To have a full stylisation we need to always remember that outfits and jewellery need to be synchronised with suitable makeup and hairs. I worked together with very talented makeup artist Daria Janowska who bring her team of her girls Joanna Andruszkiewicz, Paulina Kuczaj, Sylwia Czyz( and also very talented hair stylist Kamila Palka, who did a great job.

This gala was really a great experience to meet lots of great Tv presenters and show presenters such as Patrick Walsh, Venessa Manunga, Harifa Daly. the extraordinary performer Steven Megan.
I do not want to forget about amazing photographers such as Alex Bechtin, Michal Sendrak.
All the show with male and female models were managed by great Dennis Ward with his model international agency.

If you are involved in fashion, entertainment beauty industry follow next shows in Dublin:
and Yova jewellery:

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