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Fashion with the goal of raising awareness - Belezza

Fashion with the goal of raising awareness

I had a pleasure to take part in the international fashion show in a celebration of the world diabetes day in the Dublin Hilton hotel at the airport.
Did you ever know that there are 199 million women globally who are living with diabetes? There is the huge percentage of death cause of that. It is around 2,1 million deaths each year. We can help them by raising awareness and speak loudly about it.

I would never think about that but thanks to that amazing fashion event which was organized by extremely devoted women beautiful fashionable AC Matilda with the great heart who is the founder of the Sunrise international foundation in Ireland and the main creator of that fashion show!

Thanks to her I had a chance get more knowledge and raise my awareness of diabetes.

The event was organized in such a good way there was a fashion performance of well known international designers such as Claire Garvey, Susan Bradley, Diana Ntimane, River Vilija, Georgia Tshuma Oxana, Hefferon, Kathleen Flood, Lumy by Paris, Anna Mcmillan, Faith Munetsi, Madisema Bridget. Extraordinary outfits, beautiful dresses.
Each designer had a chance to show their unique own style. There was lots of domination of class, elegance, simplicity and a bit of also stronger wilder stylisations. In terms of colours on the catwalk, I noticed as a stylist that there dominate lots of neutral colours: white or black but also warmer colours like red, orange, pink mixed of red-violet and black which looks very artistic. In terms of texture, i saw lots of fringes, laces, satin, feathers. The creative work of that designers was incredible! There were emotions in these collections like strength, passion, elegance, class and I noticed very feminine beautiful outfits.

I really loved that simple white long, tight, classy elegant evening dress. I would describe it as a sexy with the open chest and falling shoulders around. Very original!

The goal and the purpose of that event was very honourable because of the rise of the money for diabetes.
I love the presence of the doctors from the Mater hospitals who were talking about diabetes.

The show was very entertaining as well! It begins with the great performance on stage and an amazing voice of the famous Steven Mangan the best Irish entertainer. Lots of interesting interviews on the red carpet were maintained by extremely professional, daily motivational speaker Haifa Daily from Miss D Talk show.

The extremely great job of the models who were all being taken care before appearing on stage by professional makeup artists.
Amazing job of head of makeup artists: Momi Kay, who bring with herself around 16 make up artists. They worked very hard to style faces of the models and let them look stunning!
Very important aspect in each stylisation is the hair style. It was perfectly matched to shape of the faces of the models and their outfits. It was also done by  talented hair stylists and the head of hairstyle Veronika Byrne Unbridled. There were also so many women who worked with models Audrey O Neill, Nicola O Hanlon, Leane Hayes and Rachel Paige, Ana Zens.

I had a pleasure to know one of the makeup artists as I admire her work. It was Daria Janowska with 8 years experience in the beauty industry! All stylizations were being decorated with beautiful and original jewellery called Yova represented by unique designer Joanna Michulka.

Please have a look at some photos from that show, see the style of designers above. Photos during the show were created by the professional’s experts and photographers such as Des O Neill, David Keogh and Laura Grant, Taz Smith, Grant Mcdonald and Michal Sendrak.

So if you like fashion and you also have a goal to help women around the world who need support follow others fashion event in Dublin or check that website:


follow our artists here:

Michal Sendrak talented photographer:

Daria Janowska makeup artist:


Yova jewellery, designer Joanna Michulka : https://www.facebook.com/yovadesign/

Haifa Daily Miss D Talk Show : https://www.facebook.com/chikondilove

Head of hairstylist Veronika Byrne Unbridled : https://www.facebook.com/veronika.byrne

Head of make up artists Momi Kay: https://www.facebook.com/MomiKaymua/

Please see a couple of interesting photos from that show with the designer collections from one of the photographers called Michal Sendrak, I really like his photos!









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