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Dress how you want to be addressed, business image, how important is in today's professional life? - Belezza

Dress how you want to be addressed, business image, how important is in today’s professional life?

Have you ever think how important is your first impression? The first impression is 80 % of your success. First of all, ask yourself some of that question. What type of job do you do? In which sector are you working? These time
i would like to concentrate on men and their image. Are you working in Sales, Banking Sector, Insurance Sector, Retail Sector, or maybe you are Recruiter and you work for a Recruitment agency and you are helping the candidate find their job.
Any face to face job which involves seeing clients and meeting them personally involve lots of professional look and image.
Always remember no matter if you are the CEO of the company or the Sales Representative you are your own brand and the brand of your company, you can build trust, relationship and success in sales or in your business if you not only behave professionally through experience and knowledge of your industry but also by your image, your first look!

I had a pleasure to do some interesting work with amazingly creative people and give you some example of good styling job and products which maybe make you inspire and start to think about your brand.
This style is more dedicated to men who work in insurance, banking sector, sales, C level executives, recruiters or candidates who look for new job and Opportunities.

Here some inspiration. The first outfit is classy navy Rossellini suit top brand perfect match with the red and red tie from zazzi brand with square pocket.
The navy matches perfectly with brown stylish shoes from Gagliardi Italian brand.

Another example of professional look would be that midnight suit same brand Rossellini with a plum tie and dark shoes Gagliardi.

Those types of suits would be perfect for a conference, public speaking session events, partner and customer conferences and face to face sales in different sectors I mentioned above.

Please have a look at the example above:

If you think about change and need professional help these are partners who took part in all session. Business look, social media presence, it is not only clothes but also professional make up, beautiful jewellery and profesional photos done by experts. I also will not forget to mention best product ( classy top italian brands suits) from Mark Swan irish tailoring expert.

Follow our the great creative team who create that beautiful session.

Model: Sebastian Pawlik, Top Model Ireland Winner:
Sebastian Pawlik, model winner top model ireland
Make up Artist: Daria Janowska:
Daria Janowska make up expert professional makeup stylist
Michal Sendrak professional photographer:
Michal Sendrak photographer
Model: Kasia Dobrowolska model
Jewellery designer : Joanna Michulka
Yova Jewellery
Mark Swan, My Personal Tailor Dublin,
Mark Swan My Personal Tailor
Belezz, stylist, fashion blogger
Belezz style and image expert

I am professional stylist in business, evening and casual outfits and also fashionblogger and huge passionate of current trends and styles in fashion! I am inspired by famous Irish and international brands and designers. I love travelling and would like to give you tips about nice restaurant and places to see. I would be happy to help you to discover your image through advise you on different, suitable stabilisation. Your style is the image it show who you are and how you represent yourself within your friends, customers and colleague. You can master your image and let me show you how to do it. Contact me...

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