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Ceasar Palace, is really Caesar lives there, as they said in ‘Hangover movie’? - Belezza

Ceasar Palace, is really Caesar lives there, as they said in ‘Hangover movie’?

The Caesar not but how he probably supposed to live in the ancient Greece we could notice after the visit to Caesar hotel in Las Vegas!!!

What is so special about that hotel? I would say everything. I have a chance to spend there 3 nights and I need to say it was very pleasant experience.

The hotel offer top class service, interior design from inside and outside. It also on the front door looks like the royal palace. All the floors are covered with elegant carpet which looks very rich and posh I would say!

The key point and goal are that the rich shiny, gold interior design with the impressive ancient figure, fountain inside attract lots of tourists all around the world. The hotel is not cheap as well so the guests also have their standard. But in terms of availability, I need to say they do lots of good deals during summer that the price is affordable.

What really makes a huge impression on me was the outdoor swimming pool. It was like in history in ancient Greece. Very nice comfortable sofas, the beautiful waitress serving you and bringing not cheap cocktails. Very good music around swimming pool and beautiful ladies dancing on the column around swimming pool. All was very goal oriented organised to attract tourist single men couples, women around the world. You can feel special there for sure.


Not only swimming pool was so visible but also huge casinos inside. That place was crowded all the time no matter what time. In the casino the time dye. That is why nobody tracks the time as there is no clock very wise! Lots of guests can spend hours there playing, gambling.

Other than that there are very elegant shops and restaurants, inside and outside.



I love that Japanese restaurant, one which offers amazing soup with prawns noodles or duck and noodles. Food is stunning it is full of Japanese people so it is a good sign. The quality of food is just perfect.

It was one of the best hotels I ever stayed so I would definitely recommend it to you, my precious ladies!

What is your favourite hotel, please share with us and follow my blog

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