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Anna McMillan, women, a designer who can surprise you with her huge passion and talent for wedding dresses! - Belezza

Anna McMillan, women, a designer who can surprise you with her huge passion and talent for wedding dresses!

Let me tell you an amazing story. A story of an extraordinary woman, who as a young girl was sewing the clothes for her dolls!
Her first client was her 7 years old friend from primary school. She designs her the blouse.
Her friend was of course very satisfied with her work at very early age.

First, Anna thought that she should work as a childcare in preschool. Then she wanted to go to clothes technician school but her mum advises her to finish first simple clothes school and then the technician one. Even though she was pretending that designing and sewing is not for her she always found herself at the same place in front of a sewing machine!

At the beginning of her grown life, she was living in Scotland where she was working for the company which were designing the fabric worker clothes. After that, she came to Ireland and she found her first job doing some sewing for her employer. Then she decided to work and get experience in the wedding dresses salon. That was the place in where she discovered her talent and realised that she could work finally for herself and create her own wedding dresses. Her business idea was very simple to create wedding bridal gowns for customers, women according to their vision and needs. Her clients are women who have in their mind an idea of her wedding dresses and she can help them to create that idea in real life. Anna told me that usually, her gowns are simple elegant classy nothing too much crazy! She prefers to design and create simpler wedding dresses and then her clients could add on top of them the suitable accessories and make all stylisation more lively.

Are Anna’ s wedding outfits really so simple?

I would definitely disagree!!!.

I think they are extremely sensible classy elegant sometimes even remind me of the Parisian style and this French couture style.


She loves to play with lace and she is using it pretty much on the fabrics which look very romantic! Her masterpieces are mostly long dresses which are very good fit and they reveal the beautiful shape of the women body like shoulders, waste! She mostly uses on the material shiny diamond stones, flowers and lots of chiffons.

My favourite wedding dress of her design is the white long classy dress with naked shoulder and lace on top, which has been demonstrated in the photo with model and the baby girl.

A second, extraordinary dress which I also would highlight is the couture style dress which is shorter at the front and longer at the back with the huge chiffon bow at the back! That looks rocking masterpiece!


Anna could surprise you and surprise anyone with her collections! She has definitely a huge talent and she is very professional in what she does. Her office is situated very close to city Cork in Middleton.

If you have in plans to get married and you want to look like a French queen do not waste your time and visit her atelier!!! Make your important day in your life special and magic!


Please have a look at her work:







Do not waste your time follow and contact Anna via Facebook page:



Be beautiful extraordinary and think about the most important day of your Life!!!

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